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It contradicts the previous three. Propanol must have the strongest intermolecular force, so the molecules remain as liquid longer, and it evaporates more slowly. All the rest of your answers support one another. 6 out of 7 isn't bad, and better still, you recognised the contradiction.

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They compare water and oxygen to identify why the phase changes occur at different temperatures. Student are introduced to intermolecular forces which they then relate to phase changes. In addition, they create a heating curve and relate the heats of vaporization and fusion to phase changes and intermolecular forces.

Intermolecular Forces Suggested student answers are shown in purple text. Compounds interact with each other differently depending on their polarity. These interactions are called intermolecular forces (IMFs), and physical properties of compounds can be inferred by the type of IMFs.

This experiment demonstrates the intermolecular forces (or cohesive forces) between molecules of a substance. These forces are responsible for the observed surface tension in liquids. Surface tension is the phenomenon where strong forces between molecules cause the surface of a liquid to contract.  Examples of intermolecular forces are London dispersion forces (LDF), dipole- dipole forces (DDF), and hydrogen bridging forces (HBF).  When we use the word “force” we are referring to intermolecular forces.

Oct 18, 2013 · Explaination of how to use the template for writing up the lab on evaporation and intermolecular forces.

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