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Irish Moss is a source of carrageenan from red seaweed. Premeasured tablets of purified caraggenan are readily available and make for a convenient method of addition. Two popular brands are Whirlfloc ™ and Kick™. Irish moss and caraggenan-containing fining agents are not

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This is an easy drinking style that gets a lot of it's flavor from the yeast (spice and fruit) and from the leanings towards maltyness vs hoppyness. An easy-to-drink beer with a sweeter malt character, along with a hint of spice and fruitiness thanks to the recommended yeast strains. Page 1 of 3 - I did it....I've given in! - posted in Beer: I invested in filtering equipment from Northern Brewer about two weeks ago and had a chance to put everything together last night and filter an APA.

Irish moss growing zones include USDA plant hardiness zones 4-10, depending on the variety you choose. Most areas of the United States can use Irish moss plants in some manner. Not a heat loving specimen, use Irish moss plants in a sunny to partially shaded area. In warmer Irish moss growing zones, plant where it is protected from the scorching ... Jul 25, 2011 · Page 1 of 4 - Let's verify or debunk this once & for all... - posted in Beer: I have made a number of FWH'd beers lately and with the hops already in the wort when it comes to the boil, I don't want to skim the foam off the wort & take hops with it. But today I am making a straightforward English Bitter and skimmed about 2 cups worth of foam off the top of the wort as it was heating. Is this a ...

I've used Irish Moss and Whirlfloc and while they drop a lot out of crud out of the beer, the beer is NEVER (to me and many others) actually clear. With gelatin during a cold crash, you can read a newspaper through your beer if you like. Does Polyclar have this same effect? Mar 02, 2016 · Probably the best known product in this form is Whirlfloc, which combines Irish moss and a purified form of carrageenan into an easy to use tablet. Though a bottle’s instructions may say to use one tablet for a 5 gallon batch, half a tablet should be plenty and allows you stretch your supply a bit.  Protafloc er tabletter produsert av karragenan. Tablettene tilsettes i kokekjelen og binder protein under kjøling.Protafloc tabletter er et naturlig produkt som klarner ølet uten å påvirke skummet.Motvirker kjøletåke, gir klarere vørter. Kan brukes i stedet for irish moss. Tilsettes i vørteren under koking de siste 15 minuttene. 1-1,5g (1/2 tablett) er passe til 20 liter vørter ... The Sunday show is cast live, via their website (just click on the appropriate bandwidth speed you have), and you can hear informative things from their guests (for example, Vinnie Cilurzo, Dan Gordon, among others). There are great brewing tips, and debates such as cold pitching vs. warm pitching.

Page 1 of 3 - I did it....I've given in! - posted in Beer: I invested in filtering equipment from Northern Brewer about two weeks ago and had a chance to put everything together last night and filter an APA.

Simply put, a whirlfloc tablet and Irish moss are the exact same thing. The only difference is that the tablet is a bit more concentrated as it can treat up to fifteen gallons, and a bit more convenient as there is no measuring needed. So to answer the question, what is Irish Moss? Irish Moss is the key to crystal clear beer on a warm sunny day.

Jun 22, 2014 · The Alchemist’s Conan strain (used in the world-class Heady Topper DIPA) is creating quite a buzz lately–which runs somewhat counter to my goals of setting Haydts Brewing Co. apart. After running through a few test batches with the Yeast Bay’s Vermont Ale (the Conan strain for those of you who are unfamiliar),... Nov 28, 2009 · As you may have noticed, I post all my recipies on my blog, as well as on the ICB website's recipe section.It appears I have been lax though, I had thought I had forgotten to post the recipe of my fantastic stout Cloaked Stranger which I brewed back in June (23rd) and of which I have two or three bottles left to see how they age.

Apr 15, 2010 · old thread but having switch to whirlfloc from regular irish moss, I am disappointed with the results. Irish moss seem to give me a tighter and denser trub, and the cone forms neater and clums together much better than whirlfloc. I think im just one of the few who prefers regular irish moss, but the results speaks for itself

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